Motospeed CK108 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Switches

$168.99 $109.99

Motospeed ck108 keyboard Technical Details:

Plug and play, do not need to install any driver, easy to use.
Motospeed ck108 Ergonomics design is made for gamers, officers, etc..
Carefully design, adding a series of shortcut function keys.
Supports 6 kinds of themes cool backlighting. Every major theme covered with three backlit effects.
Adopting a professional game chip, giving you a perfect game experience.
how to switch backlight modes: Press FN + Insert / FN + HOME / FN + Page Up / FN + Del can .

What’s Included in the package :

1X Motospeed CK108 104 Keys Blue Switch RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Wired Keyboard


Motospeed CK108 COLORFUL LIGHT Motospeed CK108 DRAM Motospeed CK108 EFFECT Motospeed CK108 MULTIPLE KEYS Motospeed CK108 POWERFUL Motospeed CK108 REMOVABLE Motospeed CK108 RGB COLORS